Mobile’s missing features

There probably aren’t many people that relate to me, but i play primarily on mobile and have noticed a few things that the game just doesn’t allow on mobile but does on a computer. There are probably many small things, but here are the main 3:

  • Bows. On mobile it’s literally impossible to fire a bow, even if you have arrows. This is a pretty big issue since it means playing ranger on mobile is basically impossible.

  • Player list. Mobile doesn’t allow players to view the in-game player list to view people’s money and who’s in your party. Not hugely inconvenient, but inconvenient nonetheless. This would take up a lot of screen space but a drop-down menu would be an easy solution.

  • Server swap feature. The new server swap feature added a few days ago also doesn’t work on mobile. Again, this can be inconvenient when trying to join a different server. Since we don’t have a player list, this server button is non-existent.

Please bear in mind that when i say ‘mobile’, i mean an iphone, the device i play on. From what i’ve heard these issues apply to other devices but i’m not 100% sure so if they don’t please don’t get mad at me. The only reason i’m even making a post about this is that i feel like all three of these seem like fairly easy fixes.

then dont play roblox on a phone


my computer broke and i’m not getting a new one just to play roblox

Not all people have a pc. Some just prefer a phone too Like me

My iPhone 6 crashes when I try to load Vesteria or anything else high quality like, idk, ATF7. Yall are lucky

my pc sucks so I just use my iPhone XR to play.

yeah, i’m pretty sure u need at least an iphone 7 to play it.