Mo Ko Tu Aa worshipers

So four gold spots would appear on Mo Ko Tu Aa and if you run over it [level 40+] It’ll say “Beg” then you’d be put in the beg animation. Then 6 [30 and lower] people would have to beg on the lower pedestal. Once 10 people are begging Mo Ko Tu Aa, in a more powerful form will spawn.
Purple Idol - 3 laser beams
Red Idol - Stronger Lighting
Blue Idol - Normal Tears - All Subclass abilites are downed in power [40%] for 5 seconds. Clerics can revive but heal is debuffed by [40%]
Green Idol - rhythmically placed shock waves

Bad. Bad bad bad. How would a ranger feel if it was immune to ranged attacks? Resurrect is practically the flagship ability of cleric, and it would be super lame to just be told “nah, your unique ability is worthless”

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Good point.
I made it fair tell me if you think i should change it

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Sounds a lot easier to spawn than the normal Mokotuau.

I’m fine with how the Island is right now.

forsaken isles and mokotua is fine right now. I’d rather the devs work on something more important such as hidden stat interactions for warriors or something, rather than another way to spawn a boss

Forsaken is not fine right now. Spawn rates are abysmal, often taking well over an hour to spawn a boss.

Also, hidden stat interactions are now being rolled in as part of the ability revamp system

that can be fixed by changing spawn rates, not spending another month working on this feature

Do you like the idea oooooooooorrrrrrrrrrr…

Oh I like the idea of a buffed boss. I still don’t like the abilities being disabled, as there are some subclasses that have passives (read, all warrior classes and holy magic,) so I’d rather it just be a % damage debuff or something instead of disabling abilities.

made it to fit ajendea