Minimap implementation

Alright, I understand that Vesteria is meant to be somewhat of an open world map that players have to explore to get the full experience of the game. But hear me out. How many times have you got lost because of the massive size of the map? I believe a good fix to this is a mini-map system in which you can buy one for a relatively good price (maybe the cost of 200 silver) and fill out AS YOU EXPLORE. This means that unlocking the full map would take a long time and the players’ efforts. On this map the player would not have his location visible which would make it somewhat difficult to navigate but would make it balanced. Also this should be able to be bought from a vendor after a quest has been completed (maybe killing spiders). Just a thought! P.S.: Maybe the NPC can sell calligraphy supplies.

Many people have already talked about this. BOI.

i wanted to add more details of the implementation :confused: nothing else

But still, BOI.

How would underground caves work?

That’s a good question. The minimap would switch to underground mode in which it changes as your elevation changes. This way it can show you paths at your elevation level. (Personally can’t think of anything better) It’s meant to be a general map so you wouldn’t get lost. Remember that your location wouldn’t be shown.

I have never gotten lost once, but I guess this is different for a lot of people.
I just don’t see a way to get lose since each location is made so well

Would be a nice idea, but the problem is that once one person has completed their map, they will most likely post it on the forum, or somewhere public. This’ll ruin the point of buying the minimap as anyone who has bought it, will be ruined. However an idea which could stop this from happening, is people completing the map, then (hopefully in the future, there’ll be a trade hub for players in Vesteria) they can put the Map on the market, with a “25% Completed”, “50% Completed”, “75% Completed”, or ultimately, “100% Completed” in the description of the map. It’ll benefit players, but also make adventurers, discoverers, (who already may get sweet items from discovering new things), get more from their experiences.

A mini map would be epic. I never got lost but you will find yourself around it easy rn. Just explore for now, you’ll get it sooner or later.

But that’s the nature of all things on the internet :confused: Also the idea of a market sounds like a great idea.

You’ve never gotten lost in the spider caves? Prove me wrong ;p

huh? I was talking about overworld.
my brain probably has erased any memories of me getting lost in spider caves
god that place is hard to navigate, not because idk my way around but because it’s so dark

light pet when?

spooder caves can commit end. Light pet would be kind of useless though :confused:

I only get lost in the spider caves because everything is so dark and similar.
it required a guy to show me the way out for me to get of the darn cave.

Fair enough