Minigame Concept: Tribute Wars

Tribute Wars is an upcoming pvp/pve minigame currently in development. Out of a desire to get as much community input as possible I’m going to share with you guys what I have so far as well as what is planned.

I’ll start off by listing the different locations on map/their functions.

The lobby:

Tribute War’s lobby consists of a raised platform containing two pins within the same map as the arena itself. During the intermission of each round players will have to choose a pin to stand in to determine their team before a countdown at the top of their screen reaches 0. If both teams are not equal by a player difference of at most two, the message will change to a warning to even the sides and the game will not begin until their is a balance.

The arena:

The map centers around a raised platform with a sacrificial altar in the middle. Both sides are mirrored in structure, with the main non aesthetic difference being red team has lava pits and blue team has water pits.

Spawns: Team spawns in Tribute Wars are square courtyards in which players cannot be damaged but can damage others on the opposing team. Each spawn yard comes equipped with a catapult for fast travel to the center of a team’s own mob field.

Mob fields: Each team in Tribute Wars possesses its own stretch of territory occupied by baby yetis donning banners of their respective color. These baby yetis will do nothing but walk around their fields waiting for players of the opposing team to come fight them. When killed by a member of an opposing team, the baby yeti will drop a sacrificial misc item that if looted, builds a tally above that players head similar to Marks of Valor in the Colosseum. Baby yetis will respawn at a consistent pace over the course of the match.

Altar: “What do I do with sacrificial misc items?” you might ask, this is where the altar comes into play. In order to make use of misc items in their inventory in a way that helps their team win, players must go to the altar in the center of the arena and sacrifice their drops. If killed by an opposing player while attempting to sacrifice, whatever misc items they had will drop from their corpse and be lootable to everyone. When a misc item is sacrificed, their is a small chance for the opposing team’s gate and boss to be de-leveled by 1. This small chance grows depending on how many misc items are sacrificed at the same time.

Fort Walls: Each team in Tribute Wars has its own fort wall guarding their boss. While each wall will have an obby that allows hunters to reach its top, they will be impenetrable to other classes until their gate is broken. Similarly to team bosses (will be discussed next), at the beginning of a round the gate will start off at level 88 and be impossible to damage, not only due to its large health pool but also due to it having a constant healing rate dependant on its level. Fort walls will also possess a team only door for getting past the gate as well as shops behind them to restock potions and arrows.

Bosses: The end-game goal every match is to kill the opposing team’s boss. Just like fort wall gates, team bosses will begin the round at level 88 and be stupidly OP, requiring significant de-leveling in order to be killable. Unlike gates, bosses do not heal continuously over the course of the game. Additionally unlike gates, bosses receive a guaranteed de-level every fifteen players on their respective team die.

Every match will last a maximum of fifteen minutes before being declared a tie.
Win: 3 currency
Tie: 2 currency
Lose: 1 currency

Nothing above is final! Feel free to give feedback/criticism.


any like great rewards? i can’t find any info about rewards

Love the idea so far! This will give players at the endgame to do something with their guilds or friends when there isn’t anything to do; benefiting the current state of the game much more.



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Perhaps we can use the currency for winning to pay for the guild hall tiers? (as an alternative to money)


love the idea there are some balancing things we need to do first in order to make pvp more balanced such as: pvp Damage reduction, i’d say 70% to make it fair to the point people dont die in 1 hit or 2. Certain abbility damage reduction in pvp such as meteor strike, Magic missle and other similar well known broken abbilites.

will everyone be the same level there?

Also i feel like sacrificing misc items to the altar shouldn’t have a rng effect and should be more constant in the outcome.

I’d love some new warrior stuff coming from this :crossed_swords:

Also, this would be a great way to get Marks Of Unity

I cant wait for this to come out this will be EPIC!!

Great concept so far. I think that pvp balance will need to be extensively considered for this, but the game looks fun nonetheless. Now that I think about it, ber’s plan for a less restrictive ability and subclass system will help make the minigame more diverse and tactical, with special builds that could be suitable for pvp.

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What are Marks Of Unity?

you don’t know what marks of unity are?

No. What are they?

They’re a currency for guilds doing guild activities (example: Dunes Defenders)

Oh okay. Is Dune Defenders another mini game?

Its a great idea! I only have 2 things to say

  1. Regarding the spawn courtyards, please make some sort of way to prevent long ranged attackers to just stay in there and kill enemies. Maybe an attack barrier that doesn’t allow attacks to enter or leave?

  2. I feel like there should be a way to host custom matches for things like guild wars, maybe not include rewards for custom matches though so people can’t farm it

No. It’s in the game, it’s just a weekly activity.
With the leaderboard and all.

love the idea except for one thing, rng shouldn’t be a factor because it could make part of the game just luck based leading to a team that even though they play very well could still end up losing because the other team is just lucky.

also i think you should have some multiplier on how much the misc items are worth when turning them in. for example if turning in 1 you would get 1 point towards leveling down but if you turned in 4 at once instead of getting 4 points you would get 6 and it keeps multiplying making people wanting to collect more for the multiplier but risking losing it all

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The currency should be used to get e :b:ic stuffs and be an alternative to coins for leveling guild halls.