Mini Request That Would Be Cool

Okay, here’s a simple idea:

If you chose a Vesra subclass, your mana bar turns bright yellow (Light Magic)
If you chose a Terul subclass, your mana bar turns black (Dark Magic)
If you chose a Neutral subclass, your mana bar stays the same. (Raw mana)


i think it’d be slightly more confusing for people considering that it’s something that doesn’t really matter.

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It’s called quality of life, child.

Vesra and Terul aren’t good/evil though, it’s just different ways of thinking.

I think yellow and black wouldn’t work as opposites, but idk.

it’s been confirmed already the represent light and dark already so
the mana bar should’nt stay the exact same

For raw mana I would rather you can customize the color but when you choose that color there you are stuck with that color

I heard so many people talking about vesra and terul but I’ve never known what they mean by it. Could someone please help to explain it to me?

Been thinking of this; it would really show what subclass you represent and what god you depend on. I approve.

Vesra is a liberal Terul is a conservative, at least in the way Davidii talks about them lolol

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And FRED is amazing

I don’t even know what vests and terul are. Can someone explain? I think they’re vesteria gods but I’m not sure.