Mini game for Mages

Firebrowl made a post talking about minigames for warriors (Jousting). This post is my idea of a mini-game for Mages instead.

Clashing. Like in Harry Potter where Voldemort and Harry shoot Magic at each other, and the beams struggle back and forth like tug of war. Mages could do something similar.
To win you’d have to press certain buttons in a certain order, if you press incorrectly you start losing. If you successfully finish 5 buttons in a row, you start winning. Until eventually someone falls too far behind and dies. Kind of like Arcane Adventures.

You know that minigame in Yandere simulator if someone tries to take you down?
I think that’s what you mean, right?

i will make mini games for hunter soon :3rd_place_medal: :3

I’m already making one >:D

I already made a minigame for hunters >:C

those probably won’t happen though
we mean SERIOUS things like jousting and magic channeling

you don’t want to kick a baby yeti around?

that’s so mean though
baby yetis are cute : (

Ideas aren’t copyrighted lol, mine’s different too.

Lol I know. Your idea is unique and different.

That’s classict why only mages?

Well we have the one Firebrowl made for Warriors. The one I made for Mages, and I’ll just make one up for Hunters on the spot.

A 1v1 mini game for Hunters. It’s a quick draw mini-game. It’ll be quiet, and calm. Then at a random time it says GO! The first person to click after is says GO! shoots the other person and wins. Pressing before it says go results in you instantly losing. How’s that? I personally like it.

im pretty sure this is in arcane adventures

I wanted the Hunters to shoot apples on people’s heads

You mean quick time events?

This is literally just quick time events.

Also this wouldnt work in Vesteria. This is like adding in swords to Tetris.

I don’t see the problem with quick-time events. And that analogy makes no sense but okay.

I feel like it wouldnt work in PVP. I should’ve been more specific, my apologies.

Also, the anology is meant to represent how much logic it holds.

That isn’t even the fricking point lmao

It’s just a fun minigame

Look okay it just feels weird to me alright :weary: