Miners Haven Update

My undying loyalty only raises the curiosity I have towards this improbable announcement.

We, the fans, request for the current developers of Miners Haven to facilitate our assimilation’s and the eagerness we have towards an announcement release date.

I’m inclined to believe that you’ve delayed the update until Halloween. Please give us insight.

This isn’t miners haven sadly

Hence why it’s posted in the Off-Topic section :relieved:

I personally think it wont come out until either locard gets back to helping or vesteria is released…

I read somewhere that a different team is working on it as Vesteria is berezaa’s priority.
Not sure if it’s true though.


miners haven suck lol

Super Roasted.

Locard was working on MH for a bit until he worked on his main project. main point: no one is working on mh and it’ll be probably around 2 months when MH would maybe start getting worked on again (Vesteria is fun play it until meanwhile if u can)

Thanks for the heads up.

MH update probably is rescheduled for a while.

With A Large Game Like This, It Was Always Inevitable.