MindFix: Why You Should Be Happy About PA Delay

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Hello there! Since Saturday, I keep seeing members complaining about Vesteria getting released late and, trust me, I know it can be frustrating. However, the wait brings a lot of positivity that many people have not noticed. That is why I present to you: 3 reasons why you should NOT be mad about Vesteria late PA.


Yes, I know it may sounds obvious, but I saw so many posts saying that the monsters are not good enough and this week, that is what our favorite dev team is planning to add to the game! If they are searching animators, it means that they are not satisfied with how the ennemies are animated right now. There are probably many other updates coming to the game as well…


Similar to my last point, if they spend more time working on Vesteria, the final result will be better. We all know that making something fast does not make it good. A week will give the devs more time to upgrade old things, fix bugs, read suggestions and just make a better game overall.


You knew it was coming, last but not least: Vesteria price is now 800 robux instead of 1000. Everyone wanted the price to change because of how expensive robux are. With a 1000 R$ price, 2 roblox cards were needed but with this change, you save at least $5! This will get more players to buy the MMORPG meaning the community will get bigger. Prepare yourself to welcome over 9000 new members.

I hope reading this changed your mind (probably not)! Tell me what you now think about the late release of Vesteria:

  • Im still mad :rage:
  • Eee…I guess it’s alright after all
  • You changed my mind, thanks!

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Yeah, these are the points I would say to people who are complaining that Vesteria PA was delayed. Content is extremely important, otherwise you would beat the game for now in like 1-3 days. Personally, I think people would probably be disappointed instead of being angry because of these two reasons: Price is now 800 R$ instead of 1,000 R$ so people can buy one card instead of two and more content so you don’t get bored of Vesteria in a few days.


I mean how about they use humanoid enemys? that uses simlar attacks and such that players uses i made a post how that could work to,

Because they’re looking for quality of monsters, not quantity of monsters.

humanoid enemys could be quality just think about this lets say you fight a humannoid warrior then you’d have the other bandits and such using support to to help the bandit warrior out, Like the ranger will use archery and such to shoot you from a distance or that the bandit mage will use support magic to heal or buff their allies.

They will most likely not add humanoid enemies because they’re not really creative enemies (or quality enemies, as I said). Re-using animations, items, and characters isn’t quality, it’s an example of quantity.

Humanoid enemies would be cool because it would show that not every humanoid is on the “good” side.

Yea but its not very creative. And if you actually look through the sneak peaks you’ll see that there are some elfs that I assume are enemies. I just don’t like the idea of generic human enemies.