MindFix: Why(once again) you should not be angry about the exp changes

The invisibility was removed a while ago, however players still kept it. The skill broke the game and they have to go over and fix broken skills before adding them back.

from my understanding the hunter ability was broken and that’s what was making all the players invisible to eachother, so they removed it to fix it.

oh. (that was prob the one reason why im working on a hunter file)
welp, ill just make a warrior file now

How in the world does an ability related to a specific class effect random people and make them completely invisible when not even the ability makes the user 100% invisible. XD

Who knows thats why we love berezaa and poly they fix things that make no sense (but also seem to create them)

The only reason I’m angry is that I don’t see new chairs being added yet.

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@sk3let0n made me change my mind. He said he’s going to put more spider dens. This solves the “Enchanted Forest is going to be crowded” problem + @berezaa also said that the Vesteria team is going to add goblins to relieve the stress on spiders.



You Didn’t Fix My Mind, I Already Liked The Change To Exp. So I Just Voted “Eee…I guess it’s alright…” You Really Should Of Added A Part Where You Were Already Positive About It…

S t o p l i k i n g e v e r y t h i n g p l s

What Do You Mean?

I cant edit it…welp

What Do You Mean?

Invisibility was removed for two reasons:
1 – Incomplete, I wasn’t done finishing it yet and I accidentally left it in the Hunter book where I was testing it.
2 – Not meant for the Hunter class. Invisibility is meant for the Assassin subclass of Hunter, which isn’t done and we won’t really be focusing on it yet. I made the skill to test our status effects system.

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But Sir! No One Asked Why Invisibility Was Removed!

Read like the first 4 posts lol

But Sir! The First Two Posts Don’t Mentioned It At All! What Do You Mean?

Ok it starts at like the 2nd reply and ends at the 6th.

But Sir! You Can’t Do That! I Have To LIKE Every Single Post You And Berezaa Make! You Can’t Abuse It And Say Bad Things About Me! :sob:
Now You Made Me Cry.

Lol poly gotcha there