Miku's 'legit' Guide to Becoming A Pro Vesterian!

You ever wonder how i became the top grinder? Well look no more! Here is the ‘full’ guide on how to be like me!

First you’ll need to get rid of your most useless possession, your life! This will get in the way of you being able to grind endless exp with ‘all’ the spiders that spawn.

Second you’ll want to find a thing called a lock to put on your door so no one intrudes while you fulfill your desire to be like me. If that doesn’t work then i suggest you go to the nearest McDonald’s and play there.

Third you’ll need tons of snacks, i recommend them off-brand Doritos & Mountain Dew that cost almost nothing but taste ‘better’ than the Original.

Thanks for reading my guide!

Warning: This does not make you a great player, it is for fun. If you do this it could result your family will consider you a disgrace and kick you out to live in a box.


Thanks for the guide! This would definitely help pro grinders like me!

Heh, I’ve followed those rules a while ago and I’m at the very edge of getting kicked out. My eyesight is trash, I play every time I get home from school, I come 20 minutes late to dinner from grinding, what else can you ask for!


When you live in an apartment with no one to bother or question you while you’re gaming other than your roommate.