Mighty Sub Rework

Mighty Sub Rework

The Mighty Sub is OP. It restores 1000 HP in 2 seconds, and all you have to do is walk when eating it. Recently, a fellow forumer said the Heal ability was too weak, and should be more powerful. I completely agree with them, and this is what I would change about the Mighty Sub to make the Heal ability feel better.

Here is what I propose:

  • Max HP Restore: +25% (1000 HP → 1250 HP)
  • Charges: +400% (1 → 5)
  • HP Restore per Charge: -75% (1000 HP → 250 HP)

Let me explain what this all means.

The Max HP Restore is how much the Mighty Sub will restore in total. The Charges is how many bites of the sub you can eat before you use it up. And the HP Restore per Charge is how much HP you recover from each bite.

To sum up, instead of one giant bite that takes 2 seconds and restore 1000 HP, the Mighty Sub will have five bites that take 2 seconds each and also restore 250 HP each, collectively giving you 1250 HP.

How will this affect gameplay? For one, players will start using Heal more often, as it will take less time then the sub. This also means that you could “store” a sub that has, say, 3 charges left, for later if you regain your health faster.

To summarize, this rework would make it take longer for players to eat the Mighty Sub for a better cost. It also would make the sub more versatile.

Now, what if you just ate four Orange Potions? Wouldn’t it take less time?

The answer? Yes. But, it would give you 50 less HP and cost more than one sub (2.0 S > 1.5 S).

You would be able to stack 4 subs.

Interesting concept. Im my opinion subs are fine since they only stack up to 16, but how would stacking work for subs with different amounts of bites left?

I think it would work like this - maybe a stack of 20 charges (4 subs)?