Messing around in the demo place

This post is just sharing some of the things that I did in the demo place while waiting for the REAL game to go on sale.

Saddest Roblox story on earth, can we get an F?

just sad

these are the pictures taken when a giant elder mushroom spawned, needless to say, his death was quick but the SIZE of that thing it scares me

all hail our mushroom overlords

later on, I with the help of @Nofearon found a fishing pole and well you can guess what we did afterwards (a whole lot of fishing)

The Fish barrel

then I started fishing

it turns out there was more than 1 kind of fish which made it so that fish of one colour wouldn’t stack with fish of other colours which just made me waste 3 additional inventory slots (not cool devs)

as you can see in the picture above, I have 20 fish that I and my friend Nofearon obtained from the chest (together with the fishing poles) and 4 additional stacks of fish each being a different colour (but are the same colour in the inventory)

afterwards, I climbed on top of the gate that was supposed to be a teleport location into the city and found 2 guard NPCs and decided to have some fun with them


then I realised they had no faces…

this is what happened when I told my friend who has never played Vesteria that the game is opening up today for 800 robux

overall? I enjoyed my stay in the demo-testing-thingamajing-area and now I’m HYPED for the upcoming PA TODAY!!! (if nothing changes ofc)

I Still Can’t Catch Fish. : (

I’m also playing demo, am excited for Alpha…

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this is so sad, can we fish underwater?

I’m in when we’re diving!!!

Yes we can

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That’s not underwater fishing, that’s fishing underwater. Big difference :joy: