Mesige to my Dear friend Bereza

Hey bereza i just wanted to check up on u are we stillgojng to dinner this saturday? if we are it’s cool i will give u ideas for your game like add cool little microwaves so we can heat up our food and i will also suggest u adding super fighter jets like from starwars and make it so we can go to outerspace and kill the imperials that would be so cool thanks see u saturday

Ok boi, I rlly hope ur just trolling ppl or something…

I don’t think he is… If all this is true then I’m actually gonna die tomorrow.

what color? u know i dyed my hair once but i didn’t really like it…

Ok plz stop it’s not even funny

I think he’s being serious but okay.

what do you mean funny? i was just trying to start up a conversation leave me alone

If you people don’t have enough skill in speechcraft to understand that this man is being sarcastic or joking I advise you to go and level it up a notch