Merry Christmas - what did you get this year?

Hoping you all enjoyed this festive year.

Anybody got any festive gifts they want to brag about? I got a very fancy heater which is great for me since my room can get chilly in Winter :blush: as well as a luxurious Steam gift :relieved:


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I mean
I got a fierce moko dagger and tuaa bow

yey :D.

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I got a elf workshop dress with stockings and got banned.
Yey :smiley:

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I donโ€™t celebrate it

I celebrated yesterday but I got clothes, a gaming chair, and a skin for my Switch. The other stuff I got is not that important.

I got a cool new chair without a broken wheel

I got clothes, dart gun set, mini drone, and Pokemon Sword (my brother has a tradition of getting the latest Pokemon game which is epic).

A lots of steam games and a phone but oh surprise one of them is Terraria and it wonโ€™t open,and the phone canโ€™t run Minecraft lol.

nothing image

I got a Raspberry Pi kit and thatโ€™s all so far :laughing:

I got sharpies and some clothes

Got 200 dollars to foot locker, some nice azz blue tooth earphones, a nerf gun (shot my brother in the d**k), new wallet, Modern warfare, and Jedi Fallen Order.

I got a new keyboard and mouse pad, along with a sweater that has big bold letters saying


My brother is kinky

n o t h i n g.

I got nothing yay!

clothes and some chocolate

A free sfd and a dropped moglo mask.
Also a new kindle, so no more juiceer

I got a new GIANT gaming monitor that runs at 144hz. Aswell as a 25$ robux card, Minecraft Builders & Biomes, new jeans, and thatโ€™s pretty much it.

Got a waffle mak-

Oh see ya, gotta go make some waffles

The real question is, can it make pancakes?