Memes all Year 'round!

Hello, there amazing people of Vesteria!
I got bored and decided to make a meme topic on these forums since our overlords refuse to make a ‘‘meme’’ tag or a meme section on the forums. make this happen Berezaa

So Instead I decided to make this topic!
TL;DR: Post memes here and I might put them in a spotlight or something.
(I might start doing ‘‘meme of the day’’ type of posts if this gets popular enough)

I will start by posting whatever meme I have left over in my PC:

You know I had to do it to 'em

For the Meme Of the day thing

Memes about Vesteria are heavily favourited so if you want to be featured post the good stuff.
thanks to @LeSamton furry memes are heavily discouraged, please keep them to a minimum.

Also. Keep all of your memes strictly SFW or it will be flagged in a millisecond
^(I hope this one is a no-brainer).
Dark humour isn’t prohibited but please keep it to a minimum.

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Is that pyrocynical?

No it’s sans underwear.

When you finally kill that one annoying fly in your room


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This is a feeling I did not know how to express, you have expressed it for me.

This is the only meme-like thing I have on my phone…

when was this meme made it’s a artifact.