Member hype (Woo!)

Only the most active of people will be receiving member today! Who will it be?

I’m active, but I’m a latecomer so rip

im active, but at night

Hmm :thinking:

Andrew you have to give someone a like then I think you will get it.


lol there you go

Cool, I think you should have it now.

Im a member hypeeeeeeeee! But i assume nof still leads me for post reads ;(

As Well As Posts. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I won’t be getting it

I will get it in a week or so, since I visit and reply everyday

hey hey hey, I’m also getting member sometime today-ish soo, hype!

Hype Indeed.

is member the badge? Cause i have it

Yes Member Is The Badge.

Oh cool

character minimum

We be members!

How’d you guys get enthusiast ;c

10 days straight.

F I wasn’t on yesterday rip