Maybe help me pls?

PLEASE NOTE: You dont need to help me but i would be really thankful for that.

Hi there, maybe some people do remember me, maybe not. I heard that Vesteria got an big update but im not good enough for that and i have the general feeling that im nothing more than a noob. If you would like to spend some few mins and help me, i would be really thankful for that. So let me explain, i want to make my (berserker)warrior better (its on lvl.30 and on the tiki-island) and i just dont know where to start. I want to be good and i thought maybe ill get some help or advices here. Ill list all things down below.

STR: 92(+15), VIT: 10, INT: 7(+7), DEX: 0

Tripple Slash 1/5
Quick Slash 9/10
Combat Roll 1/5
Parry 0/5
Ground Slam 10/10
War Cry 0/10
Blade Spin 0/10
Ferocious Assault 1/10

Steel Sword +100(+2)
Iron Sword +75
Gladiator Helmet STR +14, INT +7
Gladiator Armor Defense +97(+1)
Gladiator Knee Pads STR +1

Mushcoins: 915 Silver

Im slowly getting sad to be honest, i never got drops from like the spider queen or the tiki totem thing. Thats frustrating tho. Btw, if you read this, thanks for reading, have a great time.

With 915 silver you should be able to buy a couple of spider and Mokotuaa gear because dunes was just released. Prices would drop even further. I’d suggest you to go to the dunes and farm scorpions since they’re easy to kill and give decent exp.

Update, i bought a Royal Fang for 250S. (Just saw someone selling it for 125S (-_-’) ) Now im still searching for a moa club.

Bought a tiki club for 300S

Max your Blade Spin and War Cry. Those are well-rounded and versatile enough that there is no real problem.Also max Quick Slash, it is SUPER powerful at higher levels (particularly for Berserkers, who have to be right up next to their target anyway).
Get at least two Steel Swords full-basic-scrolled.

Uhh I think you’re a bit too late


Too bad, I bumped it anyway.