Maxium number of replies on first day

Help, I was replying to some topics when this message appeared, now I can’t reply to anything on the forum anymore.


Please remove that ;-;

Answer to eroomad since I can’t reply:

Yeah but they could use anything else to stop raids and other stuff, now I have to wait 1 day to reply to anything on the forum, It’s like I’m muted for 1 day. ;-; I’ve only replied 11 times.


It kinda makes sense, it can be used to prevent mass bot raids in the replies. It is kind of annoying though.

This is so sad, Alexa play Despacito


That sucks. I didn’t get this on my first day, but I see how that would be annoying to someone who wants to try and be active on the forums. Hopefully this only happens when you first create your account.

happened to me 3 times now lol i’m just to active ;(

Same There @avoiided I Had The ‘You Posted To Many Replies’ Around 5 Times Yesterday. So Sad, I Just Want To Reply To Everyone. :frowning: