Maximus the Rogue Feline. An idea I got while Maxy was bullying on Discord

Maximus the Rogue Feline:
100,000,000 hp; 1-shots max vitality build, level 30 warriors with the best armor; and drops cat’s eye to top 3 damage dealers.
Cat’s eye has a 20% chance to max out upgrades for a single piece of equipment or can be sold for a Gold each in standard shops.
Cat ears is a head armor piece that adds 10+ stat points to every stat. It has a 0.0001% chance of dropping.
Final enemy in the game with a cutscene that plays when health finally drops to zero. Maybe a 50/50 chance of banning Maxy forever each time it’s killed. (jk)

Nerf Maxy

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Better hope Maxy doesn’t see this



furries must be terminated.


I want to clarify to everyone that I did not spell the word “Rogue” wrong. This is obviously a conspiracy against me and my dignity. I would also like to clarify that I did not edit this post to fix the fictional mistake of spelling “Rogue” as “Rouge”. This guy is a troll and should be brought to maxy’s dungeon to be punished. Once again, I would like to say that I did NOT spell “Rogue” wrong and that I did NOT recently edit this post because I spelled “Rogue” wrong. Thank you.


Even for a final boss, this guy is a little too strong. 100 million hp will take almost 30 minutes for a squad of 6 maxed-out Rangers to end, OHKO-ing level 30’s with max VIT is horrible, specify what you mean by “max out upgrades”.

issa joke

Is this not a necrobump

yes it’s a necrobump not from me

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