Max Adventurer Skill Points

After you select a class, you do not receive any more adventurer skill points. I think it would be a nice addition if players could keep gaining them, even after selecting a class, until they have the maximum amount.

The devs have said that you are unable to max all of your abilities on purpose, so as to make you be a little more careful about what you invest in

Skill point buyback should be the focus of this topic.

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whadda u mean?

You are able to buy back your skillpoints with gold.

That is what should be implemented,and the focus of this topic, instead of increasing the max skill points.
Besides, level cap is going to increase anyways, so that means skill points will too.

but I dont understand why your telling me that the topic should be skill point buy-back. Maybe you could tell the creator… but I dont understand why you told me that…?

It wasn’t actually directed towards you, I was just adding on to your statement.

…ok den

Im going to do a new post about that. I was being dumb lol

It is possible to wait to get a class until you have maxed out the adventurer skills.

It’s not.

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You Used To Be Able To In The Earlier Play Tests, However It Is Completely Removed. At Level 10 You Get An Adventurer Skill Point, Which Is The Last, As Well As A Class Skill Point. You Are Completely Blocked From Adding More Adventurer Skill Points After Level 10.