Max Ability perks/buffs ideas

For most abilities, the final level of some abilities (10) isn’t good at all. For rebuke its just knockback, for heal its just radius, and some other abilities. An idea to add is adding a perk or a benefit for maxing it, possibly making it so you have to put more thought into the type of build you want. I’ve come up with a few ideas for these benefits, and feel free to share your ideas. The point of this is to showcase some of my personal ideas for some of these, and even if they don’t work, maxing an ability should really benefit you in some way other than just stronger and more powerful attacks.


Heal - Getting heal to level 10 will allow it to over-heal allies and yourself by 200-350 extra HP. This would make it so people will actually want cleric heals, and reduce their chances of dying.

Flare - I already know that flare’s cooldown should be reduced, but I doubt that should be it for the benefit. I say that like several other posts before, flare should give some sort of holy fire debuff on enemies, revealing their location through walls and burning them slightly, much less than Sorcerer’s meteor.

Resurrect is one level, but I really wish they made it so res has several levels, making more thought in Cleric builds because when you hit level 50, everything is maxed. (Right now it’s 49, but that’s only 1 point missing)


Pillage Vitality - When getting PV to level 10, it will allow it so when you’re at maximum health, the health will instead flow to nearby allies, replenishing them. If you and/or your allies are already at maximum health, it will either vanish.

Another idea for PV is that if you’re at maximum health, about 300 health instead will linger in red orbs around you, replenishing you if you take damage.

Simulacrum - The simulacrum will have weaker/mini versions of Mage Bomb and Thundercall.

Or, instead of exploding the simulacrum, using the ability again, the Simulacrum will go to your current spot on your cursor. 7s cooldown between movement.


Frostcall - Frostcall can be casted whilst running, allowing for easier usage and making it so much better.

Meteor - Meteor falls a lot faster, but radius is slightly reduced.

Or, burn damage from the Meteor is removed, instead giving a perk like Flare which reveals locations of enemies, or making them take slightly more damage.

Roc- Earthcall - Earthcall is thrown twice when casted. Stuns cannot stack though.

Or, Earthcall will be rolled like a bowling ball at your cursor’s location, able to pierce through enemies.

Normal Mage

Blink - This may be a bit overpowered but, you can stack up to 2 blinks and use them whenever you need. Blinks have 1.5s cooldown when used together, because with two, you could extend to extreme heights.

Mage Bomb - It’s hard to determine, because mage bomb is already an extremely strong ability. Probably just make it so the bomb is bigger when casted, so it doesnt have to fly as far to get maximum.

Thundercall - Thundercall shoots explosive bolts, dealing AoE damage when hitting an enemy.

tl;dr literally add benefits when maxing abilities, sections above are ideas. I may come back to this if i feel like hunter/warrior. :wave:

I feel like I’ve seen this before.

I agree with this. You could also brand it as gaining some sort of “mastery” level as it would be more interesting than just getting to ability level 10 and would justify the larger than normal bonuses to your abilities.