Mastery levels, like Level 50 (+1)

Alternative to rebirths: Mastery levels
After hitting level cap exp would count towards mastery levels. These would be mostly cosmetic. (just like farming ridiculous amounts of gold or rare cosmetic drops, mainly to show off)
These levels would not award any kind of increase to your strength whatsoever.
Maybe some endgame content could be restricted to certain mastery levels? Better than endlessly increasing the cap and making old rare gear useless as stronger things are added, I suppose.

so basically leveling up after max lvl but they dont affect u?

was thinking about something like this

Good idea, rewards the super tryhard players somewhat, and doesn’t make the game unfair for non tryhards

cough revin coUGh

Revin’s not that bad, despite what the normie community thinks of them. They’re pretty chill and have actual lives.

I guess your right lol