Maps and Compasses

I wish there was a map or something, I keep getting lost underwater on my way to Shiprock Bottom. I just want something to make that easier. Perhaps if you find a path to somewhere and go through it, that path is marked on your map. You could get a Compass as a semi-rare drop from “humanoid” mobs like Bandits, Bandit Skirmishers, Azariah the Blood-crazed, and Auktufiti the Watcher (drop rate <5%) or from a shop. The shops would be the Hunter merchant in Port Fidelio and the shop in Nilgarf. The merchant in Port Fidelio would charge ~250S for the item, due to its usefulness to seafarers and travellers of all sorts. The merchant in Nilgarf would charge 1.5G for the item, due to how far it is to transport the item, how expensive they are (middle men cause prices to rise), and how difficult the item is to obtain.
Once you had the Compass, you could set it to point towards the path to any area adjacent to one you are currently in.
This isn’t supposed to be a big change, just another QoL thing. It’s sooo hard to keep track of where you are.

im pretty sure most people memorize the maps due to the amount of times they have been inside it

Yeah I’ve been learning too but still its soo hard especially in the Dunes where everything looks the same.

At least give me some credit… I’m the one with the document.

What document? If you mean the map, that’s publicly accessible, and you didn’t make it bubbley did.

The google doc you commented on with all the ideas, including a map.

Ah, yes, that one, ok. What I’m talking about is an in-game map that shows ur position as well.