Map Ideas: Map Names/Map Styles

New content needs new places for that content to go, right?

I’m thinking of a few styles of maps such as fire, ice/snow, jungle, heaven, swamp, mountain, desert, and dark types. Each can have their own unique mobs or city/town or both.

Possible names could be Ashfield, Cyro, The Waterless Jungle, Final Haven, Endless Plateau, White Desert, and Crimfall.

Comment below your ideas for map names and styles.

Instead of Kyro maybe have something like Cryo and frost themed

Good idea Cryo is a good name

They want names that sound like they are from a Fantasy world, not real words. Ber explained that in his Stream. For instance, Nilgarf isn’t named “The Messy City” or “The Stone City” because they want fantasy titles. I do, however, agree with some of your themes, like the Swamp, Jungle, Desert and Ice/Snow.

Yeah, but “Seaside Path” sounds pretty casual to me.

Now that you say it, yeah, as does the Enchanted Forest, Mushroom forest, etc., but Ber said he wants made up names.