Mana Regeneration

I read in the patch notes that

but this really hurts high INT players. If you burn all your MP, it takes literally 3-5 minutes to fully recover it, so you are better off just resetting and running back to regen.

let alone INT players are already suffering as it is

Yeah, I was planning on playing my full INT Mage a lot, but this + Magic Bomb rework kind of ruined it for me. Might just go with my Hunter for now.

who in their right mind would invest all points into a single stat?

and with the mana regen problem… just use fish? or if you are desperate, mana potions? is it THAT big of a deal? I can understand the anger about the mage bomb but this… just feels as if mages just like to complain about the smallest of inconveniences.

I mean, the mana problem isn’t as bad unless you legit spam skills to waste your mana, but it’s just sorta…too big of a nerf.

one word


Yes because people have 9999999 fish from their 62 hour grind on crabs

No dude. People have lives. You should be able to hold your own without countless consumables

Fish isn’t that hard to get : /
And even then, Mana potions exist.
You just sound like a drama queen tbh

Fun fact: people who invest everything in INT actually have a significantly higher %MP regen rate. Your %MP regen rate (percent of total MP regened over a period of time) actually slightly goes down as you level up, unless you invest in INT, which makes it very very slightly increase.

Anywho… more consumables are on the way, along with a penalty for dying (a bit of XP loss, and you respawn with half HP and no MP)

Enjoy :smiley:


Wait, but, what if you reset because you were stuck? Could you reset without an XP penalty if your HP is over 50% so players won’t be constantly losing XP whenever they get lost?

Mages have just kinda gotten oofed over the past few updates.
The Magic Bomb nerf was so unnecessary, it just made the Magic bomb worse and in turn Mages even worse than they were before.

Well the bomb issue was fixed in 1.1.1

Mages are good everywhere except for this MP problem

The Bomb still isn’t as good as it was. I thought it was good when it had the same size no matter the range.

The mana changes are completely unbalanced at this point. It takes forever to regen mana now. With the increased mana costs for Warrior skills, I can only use like 3 skills before having to use potions or waiting an eternity for it to regen. If it stays this way in the future, I will basically be forced to invest in the INT stat. What happened to the freedom of making your own build?