Mana regen, decreasing with every lvl?

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@berezaa, you should keep mana regen percentage consistent with level, since regenerating 1 MP per 2 seconds really isn’t gonna get you anywhere at any level above 10.

It’s difficult to explain exactly how mana regen works… but it is basically proportional to your level, just at a decreasing rate.

Investing in INT increases your regen at a rate that is slightly higher than the proportionate rate of Max MP you gain.

It’s hard to describe exactly what’s going on, but basically your MP regen rate is going up. Investing in INT makes it go up faster proportionate to your current level, even after accounting for the additional max MP

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The point is: the MP regen rate is supposed to be low. If you invest in a pure STR or pure DEX build, this is what you are choosing to sacrifice.

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So the higher your level, the slower the regen rate? Something doesn’t make sense here. Shouldn’t mana regen rate stay the same and only increase with points into INT? I see no reason why it should be decreasing with level gain.

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I think Ber’s intent was to prevent an SAO level situation (:wink: :wink: if you know what I mean). Personally, I think mana should regen at a constant proportion regardless of level.

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Yeah, I don’t see a reason why I have to go from waiting about 30 seconds to fully regen my mana at level 5 to 3 minutes at level 25+ (even if I invest in INT, the problem remains).

Also, I don’t think it actually gets slower. It decreases so that you would regen the same amount of MP per sec at a high level as you would at a low level. It is kind of inconvenient imo, especially when skills that are even more demanding in MP are introduced.

If it stays this way in the future, players will be forced to invest stat points into INT unless they want to only be able to use 3-4 skills.

Wait so you’re saying level 1s have the highest MP rate?

…Can levelling up be optional?

Your MP regen rate goes up as you level up. You are absolutely regenerating way more MP at level 30 than level 1.

However, your %MP regen rate (what percent of your total mp regens over time) goes down because your max mp increases faster than your regen increases, if that makes sense.

When you invest in INT, your max mp goes up, and so does your regen rate. However, your regen rate goes up more than the max mp you get, so your %MP regen rate goes up a bit more.

Lvl.30s who are all-INT will have a slightly higher %MP regen rate than Lvl.1s.

We are considering changing MP regen rate to be a property of VIT, however.

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ahhhh ok

When you said there was a decreasing rate that made me confused, but that kinda makes more sense

And honestly that’s probably not a bad move with the VIT as people still tend to reject VIT entirely in favor of potions; not sure how the full INT players would feel about it tho

should mp be a vit property? I dont really see how magic would stem from vitality plus that overall would nerf mages and buff tank oriented warriors, as tank warriors would have a higher mp regen than int main mages. If something like this were to be put in the game, I would hope at least that mages would get a stat point refund so their builds arent just outright destroyed. Max mages with full int have 555 MP, and regening that at 1hp a second because they went all int would cripple mages.

Well from what I know they’re going to add a possibility to reset stat points as it is,

My mage (before I talked to bad Vincent fat) had 3/4 INT and 1/4 VIT so that wouldn’t have hurt me all that bad.

Mages are kinda supposed to be primarily intellect, secondarily vitality, since strength isn’t our strong suit and dexterity critical doesn’t apply to us so it’s kinda pointless except for more sprinting ability

It’s kind of on the player’s discression on that, after all warriors have to sacrifice Strength for VIT…

Tank warriors, at least mine, is half vit and half str with 10 int to increase my mp pool a bit, so with that build i would have a better mp regen than pretty much ever mage. I dont know any mage that has half of their stats in vit.

Half vit, half int? /Shrug
Probably not the best decision for a mage but a mage should still invest a tad into VIT nonetheless for survivability

but while you have more regen, mages will have a better overall total MP pool, so I’m not entirely sure how bad that really hurts, guess we’ll have to see? :thinking:

Rn i dont think its worth it for any class to invest in vit other than warriors unless healing abilities rely on vit as their main stat. Why invest in more lifeforce when during boss battles and raids warriors will be tanking for you?

And that’s exactly why he’s considering moving the regen to vit, so that it’ll actually have more purpose

It has purpose, as a stat for tanks. the same argument could be made for dex, rn only hunters use it.

Well basically what ber is trying to do is make all the stats a viable choice for any class, allowing for much, much, more builds to be possible

Otherwise every single build is basically the same.
Tank=str and vit
Hunter=str and Dex
Damage warrior=mostly str with slight Dex

And that’s basically every existing build right now, they’re trying to make the stats more versatile for more build possibilities

Instead of making stats more versatile and changing them, make different subclasses rely on different stats. A healing subclass can rely on vit and int, a aoe dmg hunter can rely on int and dex, change the future instead of whats already working and making sense. That way you wont hurt players that have already built characters.