Mana Color for Mages

For mages, there should be the option to change Mana Colors! Right now, it’s blue for everyone. My thought was that, since mages are magical and the number of mages is small compared to hunters and warriors, it would be appropriate to emphasize that rarity, the magic quality that mages have. This would just be a visual effect update/addition. TBH mages look boring as far as how the attacks look - it’s all blue

How it would work:
There should be some colors (red,purple,green,yellow,orange-the basic colors of the rainbow)
Mana color would determine the color of the mana bar and the color of spells/auto attacks.

If someone chose green, it would probably look like the health bar. So for that reason- a cool visual liquid/water flowing animation effect for the mana bar would look magical.

How you would obtain a mana color:
I think there should be a quest to obtain the mana color you want. There would be a quest for each color and each quest doing different things. The quest should be challenging. For example, gathering 2 stacks of particular mob drops, and experiment with alchemy (if professions get added). The quest should make sense. Not like killing 100 players. (Unless if your going Red because blood)

Mana color should also reflect the color of the eyes for mages, and make it glow! Just for that Wow Factor

i’m pretty sure some weapons, like the Tier 2 colosseum staff will turn magic different colors as well as make the attacks a little different

maybe another idea is the dye of the staff would decide the color? this would push more dye sales for the devs + economy and give some value to dyed staffs for aesthetic

i also agree with mage eyes glowing, that’d be a neat feature

I haven’t seen any staff do that. I feel like dyeing a staff a certain color is boring and doesn’t really make sense, because the stuff that comes out a staff is magic. And that magic comes from the literal body of mages. So I don’t think it would be appropriate for the concept.

This would be a fun little addition! Just something to play with and show off

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