Making Vincent more usefull... (R.I.P. this poly said no... 😩 )

Alright so my idea is that if you spend a certain amount of Silver (Let’s say, 500) getting stat rerolls from Vincent, (maybe it has to be over a certain period of time, say 5-7ish+ days, to avoid instantly getting this just by spending 500 Silver.) Then if you spend 500 Silver and you still don’t like any of the builds he gives you, next time you go talk to him, he’ll say something like, “Wow. You really don’t like any of the stats that I’ve given you? Fine, if you hate it so much, I’ll let you pick you’re own stats.” And then you can give him another 10 (or maybe more) Silver and he just refunds all your stat points, and then you can put the points back into whatever you want. (This could also be done again and again, but you still have to reroll 50 times over X amount of time b4 you can do it.)


Yes I know 500 Silver is expensive but think of the possible gain you would get from this.

i don’t think someones going to farm 500 silver just to change their stats, that would take wayyyyy to long to even farm half a gold unless if ur Devolutioner.

I know ~5 ppl who have 1g+ (I think), and quite a few others who have at least 500 Silver. And I myself can get 100+ Silver in an hour or Two. For those who actually care enough, it can be done.

cough @berezaa cough

I think vincent is fine the way he is. The amount of time you’d spend farming for 500 silver would level ypu up enough to fix your stats by yourself

Yeah, but what if you are above level 25? Plus farming gold shouldn’t be a problem since I have 1-2 gold on each of my slots

I think of instead of just doing that big of a hassle, just have him give back your stats/skill points and let you build the character how ever you want. That way people are willing to try out diffrent kinds of builds both in PVE and PVP.

That is saved for a seperate npc

Well most of you seem to think 500S is too pricey… maybe 250S?

Tbh, now that I think about it, full stat rerolling should be a late-game thing and very expensive (such as 1 Gold) since a few misused stat points won’t really make a huge difference in early game. Could be a thing for level 40 players to use at earliest.

i’m never going to use Vincent if he’s going to charge 1 gold for that lol. i don’t think that the casual player is gonna farm that long to just change stats i wouldn’t.

I have played RPGs like that.

Or you could just pick good stats from the start.

Sadly new players make mistakes due to lack of knowledge and experience.

We’ll eventually add an item to refund all your stat-points, just not yet. Vincent doesn’t serve that purpose.

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So would like this be a different option, how would this exactly work? Because from how you described it you would have to waste at least 500 silver before any progress towards getting the freedom to roll the stats the way you want to is earned. What if this NPC (Vincent in this case it seems) gave you a terrible stats roll and you have to deal with that in getting 500 silver only to try and get it right the however-many-times. You’ll end up spending a lot more silver than 500 and a lot more time.

This isn’t a fun mechanic at all. A better mechanic would be spend a reasonable amount of silver for a stats re-roll, and then the price goes up with each re-roll you do. The question is: how will the game make people re-roll their stats every now and then?

yes hello did you call me dad

Yes, I intended for ppl to have to “waste” 500 Silver before they get a full stat refund, simply because imo the only ppl that “need” to redo their stats are end game players with a ton of money already, however it seems none of this will be happening anyways since, uh,

So um, ya… R.I.P. that idea.