Making Mage's Magic Bomb naturally leave a Puddle for DPS

I wished to make this thread to see some of your thoughts on the idea of making it natural that Mage’s magic bomb technique leaves a puddle with damage per second the normal standard, rather than just having the Webbed Staff selectively do this.

I feel as if right now the Mage’s webbed staff is the only way a mage can actually perform relatively strong DPS during boss battles against mobs with dense health pools - the direct explosions from magic bomb & thundercall heavily pale in comparison to the DPS Warriors or Hunters can produce.

I think Webbed Staff’s perk can be reverted to doing something similar to its former stats, along the lines of perhaps applying a 1.1/1.2x multiplier to the person’s base mana.

I would like to hear your thoughts to this change with Mages.

I don’t have much too say in terms of magic bomb itself but I do feel as a change is definitely needed.

The Tuaa Staff is outperformed in terms of magic bomb damage against the Webbed Staff. Venom Pool is a pretty cool ability which in my opinion should stay. If something were to happen, I rather it be that the Tuaa Staff is buffed with a better ability.

Yeah I agree with this. Many people who aren’t mages complain about it being overpowered without realizing that it is the only thing giving mages decent dps, especially clerics. Mage bomb and thundercall do almost no damage to bosses alone, I got literally 2 drops from mage bombing the tiki boss from a distance.

Honestly, the puddle is a perfect way for mages to equally perform with Hunters and Warriors when it comes to boss DPS.

It would be very difficult to think of an ability to give Tuaa Staff that makes it better than Webbed - and then what about all the staffs that come afterwards?

random thought, tuaa staff should mimic the red lightning of the boss that has area damage ministrikes by placing a storm cloud at the area of explosion

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I kinda like this idea, but don’t you think it would be a little OP? In my small mind, mage is a support class, especially clerics. Meaning they shouldn’t have tons of dmg. Especially if their attacks are from a distance were there is less chance of you dying. Warriors have to get in close and can take and deal dmg. I wouldn’t want a venom pool on every mages magic bomb, especially in PvP. I would agree though, that the tuaa staff needs a better perk.

no class or subclass is a support class and they are all susposed to do similar amounts of damage.

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I think you should tell ber that with how the Cleric subclass works. Or how trickster subclass works, or how paladin subclass works.

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I believe people will immediately move away from Mage knowing they don’t stand a chance at getting any item drops, because that is exactly what happens if you aren’t using a Webbed Staff.

I don’t think the puddle even has to be as strong as it is with webbed right now, but some kind of alternative for continuous damage is necessary for Mages in the future and something which accomplishes this is already in the game - just locked to Webbed staff only.

I like that idea. Have the webbed do more DPS but have all magic bombs do a small amount.

What do you call the cleric class that hardly does any dmg?

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I’m not sure, what do you call a cleric that hardly does any damage


A support class. :wink:


cleric does alot of damage, actually when im on my cleric i almost always get an ancient or cursed from sq because of how high the dmg it does is.

With what ability? I usually get at least one, if not more from my ranger.

Using an upgraded webbed staff and shooting under the queen with mage bomb

And that’s the cleric’s only real source of dps, and that’s what this post is about. The ability to do real damage shouldn’t just be locked to a specific weapon’s ability. And it’s not just clerics either, it’s also mages without subclasses having issues as well. Mage bomb without poison does extremely small dps compared to other classes and is pretty unfair really. So poison becoming a regular thing wouldn’t exactly be OP.


i agree

I think instead of a puddle a mist would be better that way it works on flying enemies. The mist would basically be a sphere in the exact same spot as where the mage bomb detonated but 30% smaller. It would last just as long as a puddle tho and do the same damage.

So like a gas or Sword Master’s sword (For the one’s who play Miners Haven)