Make The spider queen even have a "requirement"

Alright as for right now i’m extremely frustrated and how incompetent the dev is handling this, yes i get this is just to stress test but the fact people can get reward for doing this does not help at all

Why in the hell would you make it so that anyone and their mother can pretty much join the server and take up the spot. How about you did this i don’t know? Maybe hosted a server requirement saying level 27+ that way you’d get more experienced and competent players testing this event out and generally give you a good feedback instead of just having a bunch of random players.

And yes i’m extremly salty right now…

It’s like the players who prepare for a big fight and everything plans out their attacks and how they’d handle everything just gets thrown under the buss. And the the first lucky random players who gets into server gets to have their sweet OP reward. or worse ruin the opportunity because they decided i’d be funny to get them self killed and waste player spot.

Anyways next time add a player restriction, let us know before hand in both twitter and Discord. MAINLY DISCORD. add a time schedule and a date.

A lot of mages got many stuff because of their magic bomb and zap. The spider queen is mainly for far range attacks making melee players get nothing. The main thing you need is something with far range attacks, that’s why I did rock toss the whole time. But, I got nothing, just spam @Cryptonite and @ArcaneFxre for something, he said he will give out stuff soon.

bro i only got 8 spider queen equipment drops chill

you do realize we’re just testing stuff…

you can get the weapons when they actually release if nothing else…

Stop, okay, I’m next in line.

how did you even…

F in chat for Summber

this is so sad F


why can’t i join the server anymore :joy::+1:

Summber didn’t mean it!!!

this ^

I leave the forums for 2 hours and this happens. Oh jeez

honestly if there is a level requirement… it should be level 20 or less than that… if it was level 27, what’s the point of having drops with a level requirement of 20?

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@GeneralOmegus SPEECH!! SPEECH!!

Oh boy.

Let’s dig into this post.

It was just a stress test. It was completely unannounced and participation was optional. The purpose of the test was to see how the fight goes and use that information to better shape the enemy.

The rewards dropped by the queen will eventually be semi-common items when she is added to the game officially.

Because we already have plans for how the Spider Queen will actually be implemented, and the goal of this test was just to see how she behaves in combat, which we cannot simulate on our own because we don’t have 60+ QA testers we can summon anywhere we want on a whim.

Equipment drops are determined by damage done. Random players who did little damage will not get an equipment drop.

Frankly, I’m extremely salty too. Because you are not giving any feedback that actually helps. You just are whining. Obviously when the Spider Queen is actually added to the game there will be requirements to fight her, and obviously there won’t be 65 people up against her at once.

What do you want from us, to just never share anything unfinished with you guys? To test everything on our own in Roblox Studio for months before we ever let you try anything out?


F for Summber

F for Summber, guys.