Make it a mount!

image THIS HAS TO BE A MOUNT!!! It looks too good not to be lol


I’m pretty sure it’s a warrior faction mount.

I hope so lol hype if they already making them!

Warrior Mount I Hear?


this is probably just a shity meme from skeleton
but it looks amazing so yeah
warrior master race btw

Probably Not Even A Meme, It Most Likely Will Be In The Game As It Is Made Really Well. If It Wasn’t In The Game Then It Would Probably Be A Waste.

Okay Nofearon.

Of Course None Of This Matters If This Isn’t Any Of Their Creations Though I Doubt It As I Know The Devs Can Build Great Things.

this was posted in the discord
skeleton made it
its also confirmed that we are getting a new boar enemy living in the warrior zone and this is a re-skin of that

I Know sk3let0n Posted It In The Discord, However The Way You Said It Was Like You Think It Won’t Be In The Game As You Said It Was A “shity meme”. I Was Just Saying That It Isn’t And Will Be True.

its literally a boar with flaming eyes in a red suit with a guy on top of him wearing ‘‘bikini’’ iron armor + it has the warrior flag behind him
this must be some kind of a joke

That Isn’t Even A Bikini, It Is Just Armour…

beach clothing? I forgot the word
it only covers up the upper part, that’s what I meant
i don’t engrishlss8u7yhg bro

At Least You Know It Isn’t A Bikini. :slight_smile:

yes, I know that much but I have no idea what that clothing style is cuz,
me brain small it hurt big big when think hard

rip le brein

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that’s most likely the “giant” version of a new type of enemy (boars). A boar type mount (obviously not that big) would be pretty cool for Warriors.

Well Considering It Does A Warrior Flag We Have No Idea What To Think.

In reality, because we have no idea what the size of the game will be and what it’s limitations are, this mount’s size could actually be the average size for mounts (although I doubt all mounts will be that size). Also, I don’t think this is the giant version of the boar enemy, I know its just a silly re-skin but I think its most likely a Warrior mount because of the red/warrior flag.

Just imagining a whole group of Warriors rushing to battle with Giant boar mounts that have flames for eyes makes me laugh.


Doesn’t Really Sound Funny To Me, It Sounds More Heroic And Shows Strength To Me.