Make holy scroll easier to get

Reduce the price of holy scrolls in sq to 100 eggs because it’s quite ridiculous to buy holy scrolls with 10g. Newbies can get gold so freaking fast with mush apoc and the economy around holy scrolls is broken.

Low effort post. Someone please close

true simple fast

I think this post covers the idea pretty well.

I haven’t been to sq in a while, what’s the current price for holy scrolls

I think its 250 eggs

Should be 225. Compared to a cursed scroll, 125 for a defense and 150 for an attack, both are insanely expensive when you may only get like 1-7 eggs per run. This is really overpriced, though SQR soon will be getting a revamp, possibly leaving it as spider prince as the final boss, and like shroompoc it’ll be level restricted. There must to be other ways to get holy scrolls in the future, but right now it isn’t worth the grind.
this is from what i’ve heard

250 isn’t that much

only like 25 sq runs

Trust me, I sometimes only get an egg per run. You teammates would have to be generous, and sometimes you might get glitched or die.

nani wat lvl, I’m berserker maxed, how can u only get one that’s so weird I get like 9 or 10 each time

i usually stick to my mages, on my assassin i shunpo’d under the map on the sqr… trust me its not worth it sometimes

also because some people don’t pick up their eggs and I take em

Holy scrolls are already sold for 225 Royal Spider Eggs in the shop. I think it should be 180 eggs, but there will be more opportunities in the future to get them.

Teach me master, I any get around 1-3

be a berserker :3
because berserker has higher DPS than ranger

then spam fero assault maxed with war cry, it’s the ultimate boss shredder, on the level of stance

also have dual wield fierce azariahs edge and glad armor and boots and helm of ancient order

I’m making a new slot for a Berserker

Glad boots? Those are bad, I’m going to use steel boots