Make Guild More Usefull

There are no benefits get in guild, only guild nametag under your roblox name. I have an idea, how about make some event once a week. The event is Guild War and the place at Lost Corridor.

How the event work :

  1. Need 2 Guild, and 6 member each guild. Or i can say it 6 vs 6.
  2. One Guild come from Enchanted forest warp and the other guild come from Colosseum.
  3. This is not last man standing, it’s a score battle, so you will respawn after you died but have 5-10 sec cooldown to revive. (if you died and get ressurection enemy still get point)
  4. The Match only 2-5 min.
  5. Leaderboard should be added at every town. (Stats of the Guild which joined Event) eg : Win/Tied/Lose
  6. The winner of the Event got a Title(im not sure what name of the title is) or something like a flag above the member of guild who win the event. But not Permanent duration of the prize only one week or i can say the duration of the prize lasting until the next week guild event.

that’s all for the weekly event.
I don’t really know about it, but i hope it will accepted. sorry for my bad grammar, i hope you guys understand what i said.
Thank You.

Where were you when Guild Wars added

I was at desk eating lays when phone ring

“Guild Wars is add”


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wdym no, should’ve been yes

Just edited it lol

A lot of this is already planned or suggested. Guilds are currently unfinished (and very much so) as there are plans to expand them to up to 140 players, have guild territories, leaderboards, points/score, and more.

Emphasis on “planned” as ber is wary to touch guilds as they can break the entire game