Make greed good again!

Unfortunately there is a 30% tax for trading and 30% death penalty of all your money, well this is where greed comes into play: (% can vary!)

GRD 20%: Reduces trading tax to 15%

GRD 40%: Reduces death penalty to 20%

GRD 50%: Reduces overall penaltys by 5%

It would bring a new sense to greed as it is currently useless.

Note: for trading this would only apply to those who are PAYING, not receiving.

Greed = tax evasion


Please we need tax evasion

Sure but I feel as if this could be overused by people putting on the pirate hat whenever they trade.

I think Greed is fine as it is right now.

Greed barely has any use then boosting coin drops by tiny %'s, this would ultimately give people incentive to use pirate hats and other items to their advantage. Lets be honest, no one actually likes the tax and death penalty, and everyone wants a cope. Why dont we make a useless feature useful again?

how the heck are you even going to get 50 greed xd

Future items will be more powerful, I mean we’re gonna have level 70+ stuff.

but like i thought ber said lvl 50 was going to be max forever if not im exited for lvl 70 xd

The level cap will probably continue raising until the game dies or when the devs just stop developing Vesteria

I fully support tax evasion