Make drops, if not claimed within [x amount of minutes] claimable by any player

cuz theres tons of stuff lying around combat areas and i kinda want some of it cuz obviously whoever didnt pick them up didnt want it and one mans trash is another mans treasure

or just like make them only appear locally but dont cuz i want more crab claws

I agree with this, loot tends to be left over on the ground, and the players just don’t grab it at all and avoid it at some times for some reason. Plus it could probably decrease the chances of lag due to item abnormality.

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Someone had that same idea in this post.


Never saw it, but nice to know Devs acknowledged it.

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Well The Devs Are Pretty Active On It. Just Because They Don’t Post/Reply A Lot Doesn’t Mean They Don’t See All Of The Topics And Posts.

Don’t see how this is relevant but nice to know???

You Said That The Devs Acknoledged It. So I Just Wanted To Point Out That They Notice Pretty Much Everything On The Forums. Just Because There Is No Reply From Them Doesn’t Mean It Wasn’t Noticed.

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Oh I get it, sorry if I sounded rude :sweat: