Make Chad Spawn Every 30 Minutes

The title says it all, Its annoying having to choose between killing Chad and the yeti every hour, or choosing whether you want to get and sell yeti boots, or get a stat or skill tome. Also, it is annoying having such a low lvl boss spawn every 1 hour, you wait for an entire hour for a greedy ranger to come and steal your kill, and your left with a mushroom weapon you will never use. So, here’s my idea

Make Chad Spawn Every 30 Minutes
This would allow us to fight both Chad and the yeti in the same hour, allowing us to get both of the items we want (Unless a ranger steals it)
It also makes more sense because it benefits low levels who actually wanna fight Chad, with all the rangers gone who were farming the crap out of it for tomes.
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This will really help the low levels and let us generally get the stuff we want. The only problem is the low levels can’t even kill chad before a ranger or any other max level evaporates it in 3-10 seconds. There should be some sort of divided server between lower levels and higher, or something should be done or the low levels won’t be able to get mushroom weapons or anything at their level.

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  1. more chances to get resets
  2. I could get a keen mushroom sword to yeet people easier

but I mean if you wanna fight chad every 30 min you would have to spend alot of time travelling

how about keep it as every hour, but not at exactly 12:00, 1:00, 2:00 etc. they could make chad spawn at 11:30, 12:30, 1:30 etc

Yes I was thinking bout that.

Honestly, that’s a bit rude. Not all rangers are greedy. You can’t blame them for choosing a good sub.

But still, Rangers can out-damage almost every other class in the game (My main save is a level 45 Ranger rn, I have yet to fail to get most of the drops).

I think this is a good idea, Chad I would say is a boss that can be known to drop reset and stat reset tomes so it will be nice to have a way to farm them a little faster.

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Welcome to the latest update: Reset Tomes are no longer Soulbound, nor are Royal Spider Eggs, Golden Mushrooms, nor Marks of Valor.

Best update of my life. I can finally grind with my stronger friends who don’t need any of the loot and get their Golden Mushrooms!!! Or even their Royal Spider Eggs :smile:!!! I also can buy Reset Tomes now.