Major bug; GUI broken

So, I just bought the game today (great job, dev team! :+1:), And I found a bug, about 10 minutes in.
Someone was herding and farming the first shrooms you find in the game, and I decided to go help him. I was hitting away at them with him when suddenly I was teleported to this weird place where my character was forever falling and I couldn’t move the camera. About a few seconds later, I’m teleported back to the spawn, and half the GUI is missing. I can run forever, without seeing the stamina bar, and I can’t see enemy health bars. I don’t know how this occured, but when I left the area to go to the mushroom forest, the bug fixed (probably because I left the server). I attached a dev console, but I don’t know if it can help.

Hope you guys fix this!


This has already been mentioned a lot, the devs are well aware of this issue. Regardless, thanks for contributing, I hope your liking the game thus far.

Glad I could be of help!

What i expect happened was the mushrooms piled up on you weird and shoved you through ground of the map, many people replicate that glitch on purpose to get inf stamina when farming by jumping off map (dont have a timeline but this will be eventually patched)

Hopefully the infinite stamina glitch isn’t patched any time soon, it’s really useful.

Yes but makes hunters having super high dex useless
dex doesnt give speed buff and is only good for longer sprint time, prob should be changed tbh to buff hunter movement a bit

@BenD101 Dex does a lot more than just give you a longer run time… I’d suggest reading what Dex is before you go on making a claim like that.

dodge is not implemented, and crit formula is still a wip so maybe look at trello board or just know whats implemented so far before replying. thx

Uhm i’m pretty sure there is crit… I don’t think I do 550 dmg occasionally for no reason. Plus you didn’t mention anything about WIP or things that weren’t implemented in your prior post. I thought you were new to the game and didn’t understand fully the abilities of upgrading DEX. I simply trying to respectively inform you if you were unaware. But you had to take it a step farther and make a smart aah comment in return. Thanks,

dex does slightly impact crits rn, but if it hasn’t changed recently it makes barely any impact whether or not you have a high dex. As well as this, at actual high levels (24+ rn) crits don’t even make a difference as you one shot every mob regardless. And in terms of the screenshot of the dex info, you were trying to “respectfully inform” me of features that don’t currently exist in game. Don’t @ me.