Main Menu Scenery

This is more of an aesthetic thing than anything content related. The main menu scene changes with most big map updates. All of them have been very aesthetic, so why not give players the chance to experience all of them? I think it would be cool if the main menu scene changes based on which character is selected and what area they are in. for example, if you had your first character at the Gauntlet and a second one at the Mushroom Forest, you would first see your first character standing at the gauntlet looking at the bridge (the current menu) since the game automatically loads your first character when you load the game. but if you clicked on your second character, you would see the second character standing in the mushroom forest.

I would rather have an option where you could change which city / area you want it to be

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This would be cute and all, but wouldn’t it make the menu loading time longer… since every single map would have to have its own main menu created and then generated, rather than just the one?

It’s a lot of unneeded effort that could harm game performance.

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i mean sure it would take more time to load and all

but it would like

look cool and stuff

seems like a cool idea but i kinda want the devs to focus on new content rather then little aesthetic thing things.
Just my opinion ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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