Main cause for Forsaken Isle lag

The main cause for the forsaken isle lag is because of something called “EntityRender”, I was watching the developer console checking for possible errors for the cause of lag and when entityrender popped up, the game lagged extremely.

The reason Forsaken Isle is so laggy is because it has a lot of sprites/particles loaded in such a small space, meaning that most computers cannot run it smoothly.

Which is linked to the errors of entityrenderer.


Forsaken island will never be lag free thats just how moko tuaa’s curse works

Wait… I got some lore here

the god of the moglos and moglokos, the mo ko tu aa, seeks revenge aginst the Vesterians that mercilessly massacred it’s people, but it is not strong enough. Hence, using its godlike powers, it hijacked into the world and made Vesterians extremely laggy when they are in the land of the moglo and moglokos, an attempt to make killing the Vesterians easier and a way to make Vesterians less likely to continue invading their homeland


10/10 lore, hire HellorHeavens as a lore writer already.

Yes, @HellorHeavens should be hired immediately.

Mo Ko Tu Aa: curses Forsaken Isle to cause extreme lag
Players with $3.6M gaming desktop: image

The sad part is that I have a computer that can run Witcher 3 on high settings without any major frame drops, except in cities, where I always turn off hair physics. While on Roblox, I’ve experienced multiple games which has brought my computer to its knees. How.

How the heck is Roblox using more RAM than Witcher 3?
I can’t even.