Magic Tomes: Basic Attack

Okay, so as you all know, mages have been nerfed, directly or indirectly. With these new dex bonuses, the ones that cause bows to have the shotgun punches it has now, it has made magic bomb in fact, weaker.

With that being said, magic bomb has been affected to shoot out more bombs as the mage has more dex. In exchange if you did not know, the magic bomb’s default 4 bombs has been set down to 1 bomb, making it 4x weaker in power if you had a int build originally (In exchange, more radius, not useful for DPS which I will get to later in this post).

Even if you had/have dex stat points put into mage, itd still be weaker than before because now you are missing the magic bonus. However, I think it would be too tough and confusing to just simply revert everything. So this is my solution:

Magic Tomes in the off-hand that allow for different types of magic basic attack.

Now, if you do not know what magic basic attack is, here are examples of magic basic attack I’ve taken in the past:

Note: The mana gain is because I’m sitting down, it does eventually make your mana bar go to 0 if you are not sitting.

So, now that you have exposed/refreshed yourself to what magic basic attack is, let me get into the details.

This is how it should work, it should be like the bows in Vesteria. Though I may be wrong, I believe that all hunters that select their faction start out with their wooden dagger and their hunter rune. However, optionally, they may choose to equip a bow for extra damage if they wish.

This kind of system should be for mages as well. They are not pushed into the usage of magic basic attack and may choose between their melee basic attack or magic basic attack.

However, the magic basic attacks shown above are not the only magic basic attacks I will suggest in this post. There should be multiple tomes that serve different purpose and gives different magic basic attacks.

Level 10 Tome
The level 10 tome will pretty much give the same thing as the regular magic basic attack. The pathetic, blue balls that you see already. However, it should cost only 1 mana/swing, which should be enough to make sure that they will not be able to regenerate mana while using this tome.

100 power (magic basic attack’s original power)

Level 20 Tome
The level 20 tome is going to be stronger than the level 10 tome, this one creates small explosions that can attack multiple creatures at once. An addition to this will be slightly more damage. It should cost 3 mana/swing, which will eventually drain your mana to 0 if used too often.

This one will be used for most of your mage adventure, and it’s good to get it early to make the level 10-20 experience worth it, and also the level 20-30 experience worth it. This will be good for spiderlings and also for bosses for the extra damage.

115 power (slightly better)

Spider Queen’s Level 25 Tome
This tome is going to be special, it is alike the level 20 Tome but instead of doing more damage, it causes poison damage (duration depends on how much venom basic attacks impacted, but no puddle will be included) and slight slow. However, it still creates a small explosion. This one will cost 4 mana/swing and can be seen as better than the Level 20 Tome if used correctly.

110 power

Level 30 Tome
You have just gotten your subclass, and you deserve something special once again for achieving such a task. You would receive a level 30 tome by the shop one last time as it would be the last tome in the mage shop in Tree of Life.

It creates a single zap like the ones we had before. If you do not know what I am talking about, here is an example:

Every swing, it will do one of those individual zaps. Since it costs 35 mana in the past for those 3, it makes sense for it to cost 11 mana/swing, which is a huge amount.

Since it costs heavy mana, it will have more damage than all previous tomes. Along with that, it can potentially pierce.

170 power (same as thundercall)

Note: All stats for examples provided is power, meaning it can be used whether you’re a level 20 using level 20 tome, or a level 49 using the level 20 tome.

I am not sure what other tomes you devs would potentially want, but there are many different possibilities for these Tomes. There can be a level 20 variant that gives fire damage + more damage, there can be a volley of three level 10 tome basic attacks like a shotgun, there can be a cleric’s tome that heals other players with very high velocity yet as strong as a level 10 tome basic attack or a warlock’s tome that steals hp (not from other players).

So wait, why am I asking for all this stuff? This will be a proposed solution to this post I made right here for mage: Mage needs stuff

Basically, with the addition of an off-hand weapon, it will be just as interesting and unique as a warrior with dual swords/shield or a hunter with bow/dagger combos.

This is also to counter the magic bomb direct/indirect nerf, which really makes mage’s early game even more horrible.

We need to give players something to hope for, and something you should hope for should not be devestating, forcing new players to invest in dex or keep to int to make sure their sorcerer slot can do damage.

Dexterity is both good and not good if this is added, with dexterity increasing the firerate of magic basic attack, which could be very good in situations like the level 30 tome, where you can spam out those 170 power bolts (In exchange, less max mana and regen, meaning you will technecially shoot less. Also, less magic dmg.). Along with that, it would disable the need for new mages or clerics to invest in dexterity just for the magic bomb improvement.

And to note, yes, I am aware of this:

However, this can be replaced with a tome as well and another perk can be in the place of this staff. Along with that, tomes can be unequiped, so if this staff were to indeed be put in the game, it would be bad for some people that like melee basic attack because its cool to smack people and some (me included) prefer melee basic rather than magic basic.

Last note: Yes, I know that there are other tome ideas, but this one requests a change to a proposed magic basic attack.

Anthony as annoying as you are… This is genius


yes i need the old mage base attack

If this happened, would there be more max mana, because you would drain it pretty fast?

this is where build diversity becomes a bit viable in the presence of tomes

want to do quick, short bursts of damage and recharge? dex would be useful
want to have a large pool and sit safely on the sides? int would be useful

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Which is why people may alternate between the level 20 tome/SQ tome and the level 30 tome


I mean I still like my tome idea but this has good enough scaling and concept that I dig it. I’d be down for it.

Carefully, he’s a hero


Nice idea, hopefully this doesn’t get taken outta context and become ranger 3.0 thou.


I’ve always been against Mages having a different basic attack but this, this has changed my mind.


It’s a well-known fact that we Mages have no feet and only one arm.

Great idea, great reasoning and explanation, high effort. This needs recognition from the devs. Good job Anthony.


“my” tome idea. sure bud

By my tome idea, I mean this post I made a while back.

Bump, remember that early game mage is full of smacking, you will rarely see a level 10-29 mage use magic

This is a pretty needed feature, so I want to bump this as much as possible. Earlygame mage is really boring, and it only gets something when it becomes level 30 when you can pick subclasses.

This is what you do currently level 1-30

This is a level-20, level 15-20 against scarecrow is much worse than this, just nonstop hitting

Don’t forget grinding bats for 5 hours!

Yes, and guess what I do?

80% roughly smacking, 12% bombing, and 8% thundercalling

Level 10-30 is like this. Repeat.

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Ber has had this tome idea floating around, months ago