Magic Missile Misses Giants

Title is fairly self explanatory. Tested on a giant spider and elder mushrooms in shroompoc, but magic missile does not target giant enemies. It will instead hit enemies around the target or simply no-one, and will not aim for giants. It will also pass right through them in the path of seeking other enemies - like they aren’t even there. This is fairly serious for mage dps in these miniboss encounters

Well that’s weird. I thought it’s hitbox would land on anything…

Nope that thing can look like its going to an enemy then it says nevermind

shoots magic missle at giant

phases right through

I had the same issue. It would just veer away from the yeti or go through it and hit a wall. the hit would not register.

I have actually found the reason why Magic missile works very few times, the way the tracking on Magic Missile functions is that it will only target a mob that is either idle and not attacking anyone or if it’s aggroing you; If a mob is actively attempting to hit you and you cast Missile it will hit 100% of the time but the moment it switches targets you will never hit it until it’s targeting you again.

This is a clear bug and should be dealt with, makes the skill completely useless on party play

My magic missile just goes in the direction on where I pressed it so it never works

No it does work but you have to keep the aggro of the mob, if you solo SQR you will hit it all the time.