Magic Bomb Stat Interaction Changes When I Put on a Different Robe

When I put on Artificier’s Robe I get a multi magic bomb, but when I put Archaeomagus Robes on I get a pure magic bomb.

These are my stats with Artificier’s Robe

These are my stats with Archaeomagus Robe

There were no errors in the dev console.

This isn’t a bug. The new stat ability variants make it so you require at least more than half of one stat point to get the type of bomb. The thing that’s going on here, is since the Archeomagus robes give vitality, it’s somehow throwing off your stats. This is actually really good then, since if you ever need to take care of big groups of enemies or anything, switch robes. Though, if you prefer multi as your main, you would have to rethink your build since Archeomagus is superior.

Not a bug, so I moved it to off topic