Magic bomb kicking me

Whenever I hit around 20+ enemies with magic bomb, the game instantly shoots me to the main menu, I think its because because of an anti-cheat believing im dealing too much dmg but that is just a guess

lul anti-cheat that kick for dealing 10k damage/s??
no way this is the answer

must be crashing that server so hard with that bomb tho

When would you be in a situation where you could hit 20+ enemies with one Magic Bomb? The only potential mob I could think of that would be Spiderlings in the Egg Pile room in SQR, and even then I’ve had no issues with it.

You’re probably right about it being an anti-cheat though. Same thing used to happen in Nilgarf Sewers when you teleported to the lower levels of the sewer, the game would boot you back to the main menu because it thought you were exploiting.

I have trouble with the bats in the sewers at the room with the chest with the scroll in it.

This keeps happening frequently as mage

i got kicked when i nuke a swarm of snellies and chickens though…

this is happening a TON in the new shroompocalypse dungeon


Agreed it is happening a lot. I pretty much can’t play my mage in sewers because I do too much damage. I constantly get kicked in the bat and rat areas with Thundercall.

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tru dat

Yea this is really breaking the game for mages and it’s very stupid cause mages are all about AOW. This glitch happens with any AOW spell.

Heck this has been around for so long already? Feels like only a week ago that this was first reported. Devs fix this

This also happens when using some warrior subclass abilities