Magic Bomb freezes you in place for way too long

I was in forsaken Isles minding my own business when Mo Ko Tu Aa spawned, everybody flocked there. I launched a magic bomb salvo and it froze me in place. I couldn’t move for like 5 more seconds, just when the purple laser activated (nice timing Vesteria). Long story short, I died and lost money, just because I couldn’t move.

Was this a lag spike, or were you stunned/unable to move? Lag spikes are known to happen around Mo Ko Tu Aa.

I could not move, and could see perfectly without any FPS drop, so I’m assuming it was a bug.
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Sounds like a bug to me, hopefully it’ll be fixed!

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Even if you weren’t lagging, roblox connection might be lagging since so many server links are being sent when mokotuaa span cause everyone starts shooting, the messages are sent slower, causing slow magic bombs, it always happens to me, it takes me 10 seconds to launch 4 magib bombs

No, that’s not it. Roblox caps it FPS to be at the same rate as incoming internet connection. For example, if the game is receiving 48 updates/second from the internet, or that’s the rate the server is at, that’s what Roblox caps FPS at. If it were server lag, Roblox client would lag as well.

As a mage main, this happens often and usually goes like this

  1. You activate magic bomb
  2. You freeze like you do when you normally cast magic bomb
  3. every second, only 1 bomb goes out and you remain frozen
  4. after 4 bombs are shot, you can move again

It didn’t actually work like that, I fired all 4 but still couldn’t move for some reason, maybe the movement arresting script bugged out under so much stress.

It’s common and pretty weird, I gotta admit.