Magic Arrow Rangers?

Now that you can have magic arrows with a certain amount of Int, can an Int Ranger be a viable option? I’m thinking it can because-

  1. Can use Ranger Stance longer with higher Mana amount
  2. Rangers don’t really use melee anyway

INT Ranger could theoretically be viable I suppose, but it would be very hard to pull off just because in order to get to Ranger, you need to go through Hunter, which has skills that are mostly focused on Physical Damage and it’s far easier to go melee Hunter until you hit level 30, then switch to Ranger. Unless you already are planning to go INT Ranger from the moment you create your slot (or are willing to spend a Stat Reset Tome) then it’s not really worth it.

I actually have a maxed out ranger rn and a couple stat resets I acquired recently, so I was actually considering trying out those explosion arrows. My one concern is, I’m gonna have a tough time finding out the correct balance between putting points into int and dex. Or maybe vit if they make that actually useful for anything.
(If I remember I will post back here and let you know what I think, though I’m just an average player. Not super genius or anything)

I mean I already have a maxed out ranger so I could just use a stat reset. Though I just realized it’s not much of a good idea because you need 30 str so you can actually aim the arrows without the huge bullet drop and the explosions aren’t really helpful unless the dungeon has a bunch of small mobs.