Mages Buff (Read First)

Hey Vesterians,

I’ve came up with improvements that in my opinion will make the Mage Class better and Balanced. Mage is probably the 2nd best class at the moment. Warrior is the best (Most Balanced Class) and Hunter is probably the worst after their nerf last update. I think that Mage and Hunter both need buffs to make them a little more balanced. I will be focusing on Mage right now. At this current state in the game, I don’t think that Intelligence is that effective right now. 2/3 of my buff suggestions will be about Intelligence.

:face_with_monocle: The first buff for Mage that could happen is speed increase for their skill, Magic Bomb. Yes, Magic Bomb might do a lot of damage but it really just seems kinda slow to me. Maybe like a 20-40% speed increase will do the trick? I mainly want this buff because even though Magic Bomb might be the best skill in the game for PVE. I don’t find it that useful in PVP, Unless it ACTUALLY HITS. Mages mostly use Zap for PVP and Magic Bomb for PVP. That is because, Zap is simply the better spell for PVP, it does less damage but its aim is awesome (It locks on so easily!). Magic Bomb has pretty much the same problem that Rangers have right now. Its insanely hard to hit people in PVP. the difference it has between Rangers is that Magic Bomb has super slow speed. Sure if you give Magic Bomb a speed buff, it should/can receive a slight damage nerf. But the speed buff should be better than the damage nerf IMO.

:star2: The second possible buff for mage that could happen is that Intelligence helps regenerate mana faster. (If Intelligence already affects Mana Regeneration I think it should affect it more) I think that mages who invest in dexterity should be able to regenerate mana faster since they literally depend on Mana for their attacks. Yes, they might have a lot of Mana but their spells cost a lot… Maybe like 0.15% Faster Mana Regeneration for 1 Intelligence Point?

:green_heart: The third buff for mage is that Intelligence boosts the hp regeneration for the skill Regeneration because Mages should have the best healing stats in the game and it makes sense for them to be able to Regenerate themselves the best in the game.

I have a lot of more ideas for mage buffs, comment if you agree or disagree with the suggestions. I will be happy to reply to every one of you guys! Honestly, all of these buffs do not have to be added to the game but I do believe that Mages should get a slight buff! I honestly think that Hunters need a Buff more than Mages right now.(Hunters need a Big Buff / Rework) But I think Mages should get a slight buff. Also answer the polls down below


  • Magic Bomb should get a Speed Increase Increase.
  • Magic Bomb should not get a Speed Increase.

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  • Intelligence should increase Mana Regeneration.
  • Intelligence should not need to increase Mana Regeneration.

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  • Intelligence should increase the Regeneration Skills Healing.
  • Intelligence should not increase the Regeneration Skills Healing.

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make paragraphs pls

1st poll: if there were other adjustments to account for the speed increase, sure.

2nd poll: if int didnt increase mana regen, then you would have to wait 10 minutes to fill your mana bar from 0 to max, unless you mean make it faster than how it currently is (didn’t read the giant paragraph), then simply wait for level cap to raise. the mana regen scales exponentially, so you just have to level up and it will slowly get better in comparison to your max mp

3rd poll: regeneration is meant to be a low level adventurer skill, and is supposed to be trash after you’ve grown past the low-level stages

if Intelligence actually increased mana regen, It isn’t really that noticeable. I think Mana Regen being buffed for Mages should be more rewarding and it would actually want to make people invest in Full Intelligence. Not saying that it should be crazy OP. It should just have a slight buff.

Regeneration might be a low level skill, but it is still a healing skill. and there is no healing spell for mages right now. I just feel like intelligence should affect the Regeneration skill. Again like I said last time, I want it to feel like Mages investing in Full Intelligence is rewarding, cause its really not rn.

I think the way to slightly buff Mages is not increase the damage or anything. Their damage capability might honestly be the best in the game. But there will not good for anything else aside of damage right now. They can’t heal currently. (Which is why I want Intelligence to affect the skill, Regeneration. There Mana Regen is not anything special compared to Warriors and Hunters. Which I think Mages should be above average for most things about Mana. (Which is why I want them to have a buff to increased Mana Regen for Intelligence Points.) I believe Magic Bomb actually needs a buff because its to slow right now. Sure, you can decrease the damage by a Tiny Amount. its a AOE spell so its speed should be a bit faster. It is hard to hit in PVP. Which is why everyone resorts to Zap.

I like the idea of increased mana regen when you invest into INT. In that, yes, they could use a buff. Magic Bomb could be faster but should have less range (it’s absolutely monstrous right now). Zap is a little OP in my opinion as it does about 500 damage to me and has a 3 second cooldown + decent range.
In some areas, mages could use a buff, and in other areas, they need to be nerfed.

Yes definitely. I think that Mages need to be buffed passively (INT Increases Mana Regen) and the other stuff I listed. I also think some of their skills should be nerfed. (Zap)

regarding regeneration:

(aka no need to buff a level 1 adventurer skill, otherwise the subclass healing skills will be useless)
regarding mana regen:

here berezaa is referring to the old regen formula, in which you would regen like 20 mp per tick. the reason the current mp regen is so low now is because:

this means that if you wait for the level cap to increase, being a full-INT mage will give you pretty fast mana regen speeds, so just wait for it


This doesn’t seem right. I actually regen less than 1% of my max MP as a full INT Mage compared to 0 INT, which regens more than 1% or more MP per second.

its berezaa not me go ask him ok