Mage's Blink in PvP is just MILDLY annoying as a Warrior, let me show you

mildly might be an understatement.

Yeah, that’s why its uppercased. Supposed to be a lil bit sarcastic

I agreed, they can run away from you and blink.

It’s just a kiting game at that point which makes it frustrating. Trust me, I just chased a Hunter for 6 minutes long.

aka: battle 2, Metas perspective

Annoying to go up against, fun to use. (opponent gets tilted, become reckless)

Buff warrior, give us our mobility back


as much as i think warriors are op, warriors kinda need more mobility to battle hunters and mages

Yeah, roll should either be buffed, or MP regen should be significantly increased.

I don’t agree. Warriors, as previously stated by Poly and berezaa, aren’t supposed to be fast.

however I think Blink is too much. it should have a buff in MP requirement.

and to Meta’s post; warriors aren’t supposed to be MP gods, if you don’t like your MP regen, increase INT.

Yeah, but 5 minutes to fully regen MP? I have to wait more than a minute just to be able to use lunge/ground pound. It is ridiculous.

how much INT do you have?

and you cant rely on spamming attacks.

None. But, what would be the point of skills if you have to wait so long to use them, leaving you to solely rely on running and basic attacks to get around and attack? This hurts badly in PvP, as Warriors don’t have any passives to aid them.

hmm… maybe thats why???

then invest points into INT. the game shouldn’t have to change because you went full STR.

Yeah, but Hunters are more balanced, since they have double jump. Their skills also don’t take a truckload of your MP, and they are mostly DEX focused. Whereas Warriors are left to kite and try to land a hit on their opponent solely by running and slashing, with a skills that if you miss, you have to wait over a minute to use again.

The fact that you can’t catch a hunter when hes running away makes sense, same with mages. warriors are made for running and slashing. Again, if you want more MP or MP regen, invest into INT. People who select hunter know they need INT for their skills, which makes them much better then a full STR warrior.

If you ONLY pick STR and VIT for warrior, you should expect to suck at PvP. And in this upcoming boss fight, you will probably not be as good as you were taking on 1-4 spiders at a time.

I agree that mages shouldn’t be able to abuse Blink as much, however.

The stat point system is screwed up. Based on Mage, Warriors and Hunters should not have to invest in INT.

Worse Thing Is We Can Barely Roll Due To Low Mana Regeneration.