Mage Zap Not Doing Damage

As stated in the title, and this being redundant, Mage Zap does not do any damage at all to enemies. Is this intentional, or is it because I don’t have the right staff equipped?

I didn’t know you needed a staff to use Zap. I’m pressing Zap and I don’t even see anything, yet it’s still draining my mana. Please fix this ASAP

from what i remember from playtests, it doesn’t do damage, it just is like a movement thing

I think you’re thinking of the “Blink” spell. It has the same icon as Zap, but it moves you forward. Zap is supposed to do damage.

I’m a mage, have a staff, and have encountered the same thing; my zap isn’t doing anything.

Zap will be fixed soon!