Mage or Hunter?

I’ve always played as a mage in literally all the RPGs I’ve played. Usually a cleric. I really wanted to branch off and try something different, like a hunter! But… Reading posts it seems that the game is really improving the mages more then the other classes? It’s pulling me back to my usual cleric. I’m fine being a cleric, but I wanted to be able to fight and fend for myself which I usually don’t when choosing that class. Sure, battle mage is a choice. The only issues I’m not so sure if I want to take a magic route this time if it’s not cleric.
Are there any perks that go along with hunter which balance it next to mage? Or am I just better off choosing the magic path again?

Sorry if this is confusing, I tried putting everything I wanted to say the clearest I could.
- Victrolic

Hunter is not very good with range apparently, so maybe Mage if you are good with range but also maybe try warrior and stack Strength if you feel melee.

Choosing mage, stack INT for a while.

At this moment there isn’t really a cleric in the game, self heal is an ability that each person gets. I recommend simply making a mage and a hunter, and see which one you like best. There’s multiple save slots exactly for this purpose!

In one of the posts I read, one of the development team members mentioned something about the 3 sub-classes mage would branch off into. These included Warlock, Sorcerer and Cleric.

I would totally go for the multiple save slots! But my schedule is rather busy, so I’m not sure I’ll have time to level up several slots to the same level. That’s why I wanted to make the best decision I could for the first and most likely only save slot I’ll be having.

I do feel like I kind of avoided the question you asked. Right now Hunters are completely melee, but I do believe one of the developers said it will eventually have the option to use bows. In the end it’s really just a matter of preference. There’s honestly not enough information at this moment to tell if you’ll enjoy being a Hunter or being a Mage.

Alright. Thanks! I’ll just let my friend choose first and whichever class she doesn’t choose, I’ll take! :slight_smile:

Hunters Are Supposedly Meant To Have An Archer Subclass, Which Would Obviously Be Ranged.

Yes, that’s true. I’m thinking melee though since I always go with ranged so I thought it’d be good to branch out more.

My friend chose Cleric/Mage just now. So I just need to choose hunter (which will be melee) or warrior so that I can defend her. :thinking:

What will the perks of Warrior be against a hunter (besides being able to defend)?

I’m not too certain of the perks of being a Warrior other than the fact that they have a combat roll move. Hunters on the other hand have a ‘Execute’ move which is effectively a powered attack, and have the double jump ability to reach areas which others cant. Since I’m a Hunter, I’m biased. Go hunter, make fun of the Warriors who can’t get to where you reach!

Alright, that’s fair. Makes it even a tougher choice!

hunter all the way

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choose guys!!1! @Cryptonite