Mage or Hunter (15 character limit)

So I’m LV 10 and I don’t know if I should be Mage or Hunter

I like the magic and stuff but mage is currently not working good

I like the Hunters Movement abilities.

What do you guys think

depends on your stats.

uuuhhhh. because i was thinking of mage i have mostly INT but not by much.

99% sure i have 9 INT everything like 7 or 6

w a r r i o r :roll_eyes:

lol just make 1 save file for each class, problem solved.

What skills does hunter have

I already know what mage skills are

Conquest has given up


might make a hunter file

ya just do all 3 classes :stuck_out_tongue:

yeeaeeaaaa no

yeaaaaaa yes im gonna do it